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Ener-Spray's newest service is Slab-lifting/Void filling. It's a perfect fit for us because of our 20-year plus history dealing with polyurethan foam. In fact, we're steadily gaining a strong reputation in this line of business. Slab-lifting is often a commercial application, but can be used to raise residential driveways, collapsing basements and foundations.

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Ener-Spray’s high density polyurethane injection is used for concrete lifting, stabilization and void filling applications. Preferred by many contractors, the Ener-Spray method offers the same results as traditional concrete raising, stabilization, and void filling, but with new and improved characteristics. This method is very cost-effective compared to replacing the concrete. This high density polyurethane foam has a quick cure time, is hydrophobic, moisture barrier, lightweight and only has a 5/8" injection holes. Ener-Spray is available for your Commmercial, Residential and Industrial projects.

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