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Ener-Spray provides a rehabilitation solution for Metal Roofing using UC-540 Polymer Coating that seals up panel seams, holes around screws and all penetrations. It will add years onto your roof; protecting your original investment.

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Metal seam roofs can start to leak over time whether it’s at the seams, screws or flashings. Metal roofs can be expensive and time consuming to try and patch repair. Ener-Spray uses Urecoat UC-540 Polymer Coating to rejuvenate metal roofs. A monolithic layer is applied over the entire roof to seal up all seems, screws and penetrations. Once Ener-Spray is done the roof will perform better than new. There is also the option to use a combination of roofing foam and the UC-540 coating to add insulation to the metal roof system. Ener-Spray specializes in Commmercial roofing projects.

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