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Ener-spray has been offering a eco-friendly and non-degrading insulation on more than 50,000 insulation jobs. We have several types of insulation to suit your needs, whether ½ Pound, 2 Pound or Glass Fibre

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Two pound foam insulation
2 lb. medium density spray foam is the most common foam insulation; the closed-cell material offers not only insulating properties but also acts an air and vapour barrier. Our 2 lb. foam can be used in interior, exterior and below grade applications. Some examples are exterior envelope insulation jobs, interior insulation between stud walls, airseals, underground pipes and exterior foundation insulation. 2 lb. does not require an additional vapour barrier when applied at the specified minimum depth. LEED credits are available for using this product. We do both Commmercial and Residential projects.

Envelope insulation jobsInterior insulation between wallsAirsealsUnderground pipes

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arrow_drop_up½ Pound Foam Insulation

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½ lb. light density spray foam provides insulation and airseal. As an open-cell material, it has excellent acoustical qualities and provides excellent noise reduction and sound absorption. ½ lb. spray foam is designed mainly for cavity fill. Typical applications include between stud cavities for insulation and soundproofing and between floors. LEED credits are available for using this product. Ener-Spray does Commmercial and Residential projects.

Interior/Exterior stud cavitiesSoundproofing between floors and wallsGeneral cavity fillComplete air seal

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arrow_drop_upThermacoustic Glass-fibre Insulation

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Thermacoustic Glass-Fibre TC-417 is a non-combustible insulation that finds its most common application in commercial concrete slab such as parkade ceilings and exterior soffits and areas needing noise reduction. Glass-Fibre is a natural fire retardant and needs no additional thermal barrier. Ener-Spray is highly experienced in Glass-Fibre insulation having completed 300 large Commmercial projects.

Parkade ceilingsExterior SoffitsSound stagesConcrete Slab

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