Spray foam

Spray Foam is the Upgrade you Need

It’s that time of the year when it becomes very apparent if your insulation isn’t standing up to the elements.  Maybe you’re tired of cranking up the thermostat and paying high heating bills.  Maybe you’re just tired of wearing a sweater in your own home all day.  Whatever the reason, it is a great time […]

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Energy Savings in Commercial Spaces

Today we’re featuring some of our favorite ways to save on energy in commercial spaces.  Many of these tips will also be relevant for home owners, so take a short read, and you might find a great way to save on energy. Saving energy is great for the environment, and your bottom line.  If you […]

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Spray-foam energy savings

Install Spray-Foam and Save on Energy

These days, it seems like everybody in Canada is looking for ways to save energy in their home, especially in our main markets – Calgary and Vancouver.  Whether you’re doing it to lower your energy costs, or to lower your environmental impact, we’ve got some spray-foam related tips that are sure to help you accomplish […]

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industrial ecodur coating

Ecodur Coating & Internal Tank Coatings

Ener-Spray has recently expanded our services into Vancouver.  This is an exciting expansion for us as it means progress and moving our business in the right direction.  Of course, we still provide our services in all of our existing geographical service areas, Vancouver is simply a new addition. We now offer Vancouver residential spray foam […]

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What R-Value Should my Attic Be?

When discussing spray foam, many experts will refer to the increased R-Value of the home’s insulation. But what is R-Value, and how does it affect your home, your heating and your general quality of life? Determining R-Value The R-Value of insulation is a measurement of how well insulation reduces the flow of heat and cold […]

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