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Slab Lifting


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The Ener-Spray method offers the same results as traditional concrete raising, stabilization, and void filling, but with new and improved characteristics.

Applications: Concrete lifting. Stabilization. Void filling.

Features: Cost Effective. Substantially Decreased Down-Time. Hydrophobic. Inert and Stable. Less soil distribution. High Compression. Less intrusive hole pattern.

Alberta, Sask and NWT

Ener-Spray has worked on various projects ranging from big to small. We have worked for General contractors, property managers and building owners.

Ener-Spray’s high density polyurethane injection is used for concrete lifting, stabilization and void filling applications. Preferred by many contractors, the Ener-Spray method offers the same results as traditional concrete raising, stabilization, and void filling, but with new and improved characteristics. This method is very cost-effective compared to replacing the concrete. This high density polyurethane foam has a quick cure time, is hydrophobic, moisture barrier, lightweight and only has a 5/8" injection holes.


Concrete lifting. Stabilization. Void filling.

Key features

Cost Effective
Ener-Spray's high density slab lifting foam will be substantially less than replacing your concrete.
Substantially Decreased Down-Time
Our foam typically cures in 15 minutes after injection allowing these areas available in minutes not days. This system can be a huge benefit to those who require shorter down time to the affected areas.
Never decomposes or deteriorates so no harmful fibres or gases escape into the air in the future
Inert and Stable
The high density foam will not break down over time. It does not react with moisture or the soil and it will not leach harmful chemicals into the ground.
Less soil distribution
Ener-Spray’s high density slab lifting foam typically weighs between 2.5 lbs to 6 lbs per cubic foot. Compared to typically mud jacking material that can weight 120 lbs per cubic foot, slab lifting foam will not burden the soil.
High Compression
Despite it’s light weight slab lifting foam can support significant loads and has a very high compressive strength.
Less intrusive hole pattern
Ener-Spray's system needs fewer holes and a 5/8" hole opposed to the 1 5/8" holes needed by mud-jacking.
Ener-Spray can provide Slab Lifting services for Western Canada, including:
Northern Alt
Greater Vancouver
Vancouver Island
Northern BC

Ener-Spray Commercial Contracting has been involved with commercial projects for over 15 years. Dealing closely with architects and engineers Ener-Spray has been able to help generate specifications for the use of Spray Foam Insulation for many applications in commercial construction. From working with general contractors to design builders, Ener-Spray can work on tight time lines to keep projects on time and on budget. With over 25,000 projects completed in Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta our experience guarantees a job done right. Make sure Ener-Spray Commercial Contracting is on your bid list. Ener-Spray has achieved the "Foam Master” certification through BASF.