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Ener-Spray expanded into spraying coatings over 10 years ago. We haven't looked back. We offer two major coating solutions, Ecodur 201 and Polyurea. On top of that, we offer a range of Cleaning and Blasting often used as preperation for the coatings.

arrow_drop_upEcodur 201 Protective Coating

Ecodur 201 Coating
Ecodur 201 is the primary plastic coating product used by Ener-Spray Industrial Solutions. This product is environmentally friendly, containing non-toxic, solvent free, VOC-free, and BPA-free ingredients. Ecodur 201 is highly durable and has a Class A flame spread rating. This ‘bio-safe’ product is NSF 61 rated for potable water container use. Ener-Spray is here for your Industrial applications.

Internal tank coatingsRefurbishing steel tanksOil field structuresPotable water containersWater treatment centersEpoxy lining alternative

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arrow_drop_upPolyurea Coating

Poly urea Coating
Loose fit secondary containment repairs and new construction is another area where Ener-Spray excels. Ener-Spray’s plastic coatings can be applied to various surfaces for repairs such as HDPE, LLPE, PVC and clay liners. Ener-Spray works on Industrial polyurea applications.

Secondary containmentHDPE, LLPE, PVC and clay linerstank farmsContainment poindsWater treatment centersEpoxy lining replacement

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arrow_drop_upCleaning and Blasting

Ener-Spray can assist with a variety of media blasting such as sand blasting, shot blasting, and high pressure water cleaning on Industrial applications.

Surface preperationTank cleaningArea mediationPre-paint or spray preperation

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